Reversing old habits

Tweeked out

Im not gonna lie to you, I had some great times getting twisted on all sorts of drugs. You name it I did it, and at times in my life it was awesome and tons of fun. I’m not here to preach against drugs, what I’m here to do is help people that got stuck on them how I got stuck on them.

Junked OutI lived a pretty intensely drugged out lifestyle for about 15 years, and I spent a good 7 years unsuccessfully trying to quit. It wasn’t all bad, but in the end I had destroyed many things I held sacred, including my health and my sanity. By the time I was 28 I finally put enough pieces together to free myself from this life long chemical bondage.

Passed out in the bushes


Through out my journey I have gained some valuable insight into the transformational process. I am inspired to share what I have learned in hopes that I may help others, who may be stuck like I was, to avoid some unnecessary pain and suffering.

It can only happen if you truly make the decision.

It took me 7 years to eventually quit, but I never would have done it without the genuine desire to change. A genuine desire and a conscious decision to change is a prerequisite to any conscious transformation. You have to be honest with yourself about your motivations. The desire to change cannot be to appease anyone else. Deciding to make a change for yourself is a must if you are going to be successful.

The famous catch 22 “can’t live with it, can’t live without it”

2 paths to choose fromMost addicts eventually come to a point in their careers when they start to think that it would be a good idea to change their ways. The problem is that by the time most people truly decide they want to quit they have already become so dependent on their addictions that they don’t see any way out.

I spent years wanting to quit and not knowing how, I would cycle through waves of short and depressing clean stints. I’d be losing it inside just trying to hack being clean until eventually I’d convince myself I could reincorporate the same toxic habits back into my life in a manageable way. I would make a plan for balanced integration, sometimes it would even work for a bit, but sure enough a few months down the line I was even worse off than I’d been before.

Anyone who has had a severe addiction can relate to this predicament. I would have saved many years of teeter tottering had I been informed of a more integrated approach for recovery.

 A new LifeSpiral Staircase Transformation

What if you could get high without any negative baggage? What if you found a way to get higher and higher with no comedowns or tolerance build-ups? What if you hacked life and found that it could be a continuous upward bliss spiral? Well you can…   life can be that beautiful…       Life is that beautiful…

I am not saying that there won’t be challenges but with the right approach life can consistently improve with no upper limit way beyond your wildest dreams. Trust me, I went from being a broke, homeless heroin junkie in an underground detox center in Tijuana to a magical life that has reached unprecedented, miraculous heights. After my first year living addiction free I had found an endless motivation and deep purpose in life. Every subsequent year has been the best year ever and I bathe daily in the gratitude that accompanies this eternal alchemical transformation.

 3 general transformational focus points

I have simplified the 3 key components I used to transform myself:

1) Goal Orientation 2) Physical Alchemy 3) Mental/Spiritual Alchemy

These three focus points are less about how to quit as they are about how to start. By taking your attention off of quitting old habits and putting your attention on the new life you are creating you take the power away from your problems and put them into the solution. The following is a brief description of these three focus points.

 Goal Orientation-

 What do you want more??

The first step of transformation is to identify your goals. There needs to be direction for you to move in before you can make a move. Trying to get clean just to get clean, without having other goals to inspire you, is not a promising way to start. Without a purpose that is more important to you than your old habits, you are setting yourself up for failure.Reaching_for_the_stars

Your goals should be things that genuinely excite you, setting goals that only reach far enough to fix the trouble your in (getting out of debt, reconciling old friendships, finding a place to live etc.) will leave you vulnerable to old habits once the “fix it” goals have been achieved. It is important to think big and make your goals exciting.

Set a goal to do something you have wanted to do since you were a child. Think back to a time when you had big dreams and less doubt. Let fixing the trouble that your in be the ‘stepping-stone goals’ that move you towards greater aspirations. With a clear purpose that excites you its much easier to stay on track and motivated. Again… without a direction to go in you ain’t goin’ nowhere. So dream up something big and exciting!

-Physical Alchemy

How can you get healthy enough to feel high without drugs?

Did you know that it is possible to cleanse and invigorate your body to the point that your brain chemistry literally transforms?

Most people are unaware of the fact that healthy brains naturally produce morphine. What?? Morphine?!


It’s true, there are a whole host of endogenous opiates produced daily in a healthy body and with optimum nutrition combined with the proper mental/spiritual practice you can create natural bliss levels far superior to those induced by toxic, synthetic drugs.

Our physiological health is essentially the platform for our consciousness. The nero-transmitters and hormones responsible for our moods are directly correspondent to our nutritional intake, as well as the level of toxins present in our bodies. Most people are not aware of how large of an effect their diet has on their state of being. We are what we eat and if we’re eating dead chemical filled junk we will feel like dead chemical filled junk, it’s pretty obvious when you think about it.

The majority of the population is severely malnourished and chock full of hazardous toxins. Major corporations (including many in the “healthcare Industry”) have spent billions of dollars to sell us an image of health that feeds their pocketbooks without regard for the corrosive effects it has on us. As a result the average persons ideas about what health really is have been severely perverted. You can see this reflected back by all the syndromes disorders and disease that are present in every country around the world.

Assortment of Taoist HerbsWithout going down that rabbit hole too far, simply put: the difference that nutritional awareness makes in our lives is paramount, especially when it comes to quitting unhealthy drug habits. Finding a system of health that brings our bodies into balance is essential for anyone on the transformational path. Herbal research reaching back thousands of years, thru multiple world cultures, is available today thru the internet along with a plethora of superfoods, ‘super-herbs’ and modern health technologies. This vast resource proves to be a powerful ally for anyone who chooses use it.

“Finding an enjoyable form of exercise and expanding our nutritional awareness is one of the biggest catalysts for positive change there is as it leads to many unforeseen treasures.”

-Mental/Spiritual Alchemy

Brainwaves_trippy_visualEveryone knows the famous maxim ‘mind over matter’. Some even argue that mind literally creates matter and thru the power of the mind matter can be instantly transmuted i.e. miraculous healing, turning water to wine or the dematerialization of matter. Though I do believe these phenomena are a reality for advanced individuals and an area of study worthy of deeper exploration, it has not been my personal experience. However it is naive to deny the obvious effects that our thoughts, belief structures and mental/spiritual practice do have on the quality of our daily life, especially our moods, states of being, and physical health.

Thoughts have a circular relationship with physical health. What I mean is that the quality of our thoughts effect the quality of our physiological state and the quality of our physiological states affect the quality of our thoughts. Thus our mental health cannot be separated from our physiological health. Our belief system is like the software program that governs our thinking habits. Thinking Patterns, Belief Structures, and Physiological Conditions shaman_psychadellic_3rd_eyeare intimately intertwined and equally important. The interaction of these three aspects is what determines our behavior, which thus determines to a large extent the quality of our life. By changing our mind we change our lives.

Recently scientists have proved that the right meditation practice can dramatically enhance a person’s capacity for joy. E.E.G. brain scans taken from master meditators show excessive activity in their brains left prefrontal cortex giving them abnormally large capacities for happiness and a reduced propensity towards negativity. Learning the art of mental alchemy by adopting a meditative practice and/or learning other techniques such as N.L.P. (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) for refining your mental environment will without fail have lasting positive effects.

“This is a basic introduction to the simple formula I used to change the course of my life in a profound and powerful way. Each person will have to adapt these principals in their own way in order to apply them effectively in their own life. I hope this can be a helpful arrow that points those that could benefit from it in a direction that will awaken transformational possibilities.”

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