I am a Bardic Hip Hop Philosopher, Inspirational Coach and Activation Catalyst on a mission to help integrate harmony into the human mind/body/spirit complex.

In 2009, I embarked on a quest for greater understanding of myself and the universe, I began to explore the deeper mysteries of consciousness and started asking bigger questions, the kinds of questions that prior to this time seemed to be too vast to be viably pursued with any real promise. I began to study spiritual texts, nature, the paranormal, ET phenomena, dreams and all other relatively uncommon arenas of inquiry I could find, successfully expanding my view of existence and pushing the boundaries of what I thought was possible.

In 2011 I was visited by what I now believe to be a future version of myself from an ascended timeline. I was energetically upgraded and a higher vibrational template was installed into my body and psyche. From that night forward, though much struggle and hardship still awaited me, my direction and intent was clear and my commitment to my path was unbreakable.

In 2013 I quit my position as the Creative Director of Vision Magazine and sold my Sand Diego property maintenance business to go on the road to make my creative service and self-expression a full time Venture.

After a tremendous load of deprogramming, healing, orienting and foundation building, I continue to channel more and more of my core essence into the world thru music, videos, blogs, relationships, martial arts and other avenues, my intention remains devoted to balance, refinement, and wholeness while I remain committed to authenticity as well as the courage that authenticity requires.