Owning our part in the present state of world affairs

With both the worst atrocities and the grandest blossoming’s in history occurring simultaneously, at unprecedented speeds, it’s impossible to predict exactly what the next few years could mean for our destiny. All that can truly be predicted is that the decisions we as humans make in these times will surely and powerfully shape our future. I have faith in the human race; we have come too far to destroy it all now and I see too much good in to the world brilliantly thriving and expanding for us not to weather these troubled times. Nevertheless victory is not promised and the conditions of our future are being seeded with every decision we make. This is the moment of truth for the human race and whom each one of us chooses to be today will echo on throughout posterity.

The impact that our daily decisions make on the world is more powerful than most people realize. Its obvious that everyone is affecting everyone else, but what isn’t obvious for many of us is just how World in handspowerful many of the simple choices we make everyday are. The lack of awareness concerning the global affect of our daily decisions keeps many of us naively perpetuating world destruction. From the food we buy, to the clothes we wear to the thoughts we think and the words we speak we are constantly stacking our chips on the scales of fate, investing in either the destruction or the survival of our species.

I believe that most of us have what can be called naive ignorance, meaning that generally we have good intentions but are just naive and ignorant to what we are doing. I also believe that even the mal intended, who consciously commit inhumane acts, as well as the apathetic who seem careless of the worlds well being, are this way because of a lack of awareness rather than an inherently evil or careless nature. I believe that evil is just another name for ignorance, a kind of ignorance that births delusional and destructive belief systems from which mal-intent is generated.      Though it is true that there are people who harbor malevolent intentions and others that are apathetic to the world’s crisis I believe that our world conditions will rapidly transform once those of us suffering from naive ignorance empower our noble intentions with greater awareness. I know many good intended people who, if they were more informed, would do things much differently and this is why I feel that awareness is such a critical factor in the fate of the planet.

Finger pointerIts easy to blame others for the worlds problems when we don’t see the full picture “its the oil companies”, “its the banks” or “its monsanto” we will say as were driving our petroleum fueled vehicle to the bank ATM while drinking a commercial brand soft drink. By pointing our finger at the more obvious culprits we justify neglecting much of our responsibility and buy into the belief that our small decisions don’t make a big difference. It is true that the corporate paradigm of cutthroat business is inhumane and plays a major part in world destruction, but many of us who claim to oppose these corrosive corporate power structures are unaware of how our daily decisions are still supporting them.

NWO PNGOur minds are conditioned from birth by hypnotic media suggestions that idealize shallow values
and reward superficiality. These pervasive thought forms have skewed our perceptions and tainted our priorities. Despite the many philosophies and religious teachings that encourage sacred virtues, we still lack the holistic modern day awareness necessary to morally organize our priorities and apply these virtues in the modern world. Subsequently many good people with noble intentions have unknowingly prioritized their lives incongruently with their deeper moral ethics.

Weather we’re willing to face it or not we are all responsible in some way for the worlds condition. We may not be verbally promoting slave labor, genocide, and world destruction, but our actions are. If we are to truly take an honest look at what we are facing as a human species and rid ourselves of our ignorance and denial we must begin to look deeper at the decisions we make in our personal lives. The universe is asking us to sit down and ask ourselves……….

If it meant life or death to the human race would I be willing to change?

seo-answering-questions-620x620If it meant the destruction or salvation of our lives and our planet would I be willing look at the effects my lifestyle has on the world and take full responsibility for them?

The fate of mankind depends on our answers to these questions…         

If what you ate everyday could mean life or death for the human race would you look deeper into it? If the thoughts you think and the words you speak could be generously adding to, or severely taking away from the potential of world salvation, would you pay more attention to them? If the stores you shop at, the brands you support and the materials you use could be the world’s destruction or the world’s solution would you choose more wisely?

Simply put if we choose to ignore the call to evolve our mind, body and spirit, and continue to support the industries that are raping the world we will destroy the planet and ourselves. The only way to stop this destruction is to reprioritize our daily lives and fully embrace the part of us that yearns for edification. We must educate ourselves and to learn how to stop supporting corrosive industries by finding or creating sustainable ones to replace them. There is no time to wait on others to take action for us. It may take an inconvenient change in lifestyle yes… but it’s an obvious decision considering the only other options available.

How much power does one person really have?

Don’t be fooled into thinking that mere half measures will avail us. Each one of us has a lot more of an effect than you may think. The illusion that we are powerless is the illusion that tricks us into turning over our power to destructive Guy_on_megaphoneindustries and corrosive power structures. The only reason it’s easy to buy into the illusion that ‘one person’s decisions don’t make a big difference’ is because we have been conditioned to think that way, but with a little rational thought it becomes obvious that nothing could be further from the truth.

Everyone has had the experience of hearing one sentence that radically and instantly changed the way they view the world. I’m sure you can remember a time when you have experienced this; when you heard or read something and all of a sudden it clicked and your perception was changed forever. Did you ever think about how many times you may have affected someone in this way? Or how much of an influence you have on others?

You don’t need to be a celebrity to impact the lives of many people; a good idea can spread like wildfire and often does. Think about a person that has had a big influence on your life, someone that may have changed your perspective for the better, or someone you admire and have learned something valuable from. Chances are there is at least one, if not several or even many people that you have this kind of an influence on and each of them have their own special influence on others. Think about how quickly your actions affect the perceptions of the people around you. We can’t afford to underestimate the power of any little action, word, or thought for we can never really know who could be watching or listening and who we may be affecting. We pass a part of ourselves on to others with every interaction and who we choose to be everyday ripples out thru the entire human collective.

Alchemical awareness

Each and every one of us has an immense power within us and once we are made aware of this power it changes the game… drastically. I believe that at the end of the day we will do the right thing leo-plaw PNGbut first we must be fully informed about what we are doing. Awareness is alchemical like that, when we become fully aware of a part of ourselves that needs to change it’s in our nature to begin to correct it. By becoming more aware of both the positive and negative effects of our everyday actions we can begin to make wiser decisions and create more positive change in the world. Wise decisions are what the world needs now more than ever and the alchemical transformation from ignorance to wisdom starts by raising our awareness.

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Holistic Awareness

By no means am I claiming that I have the ultimate awareness, what I do have is an awareness unique to myself that includes what I believe are some important things for us to consider. My goal is simply to share some of the information I have found to be helpful in my journey and to bring some general awareness to some areas of interest that I consider pertinent in these times. I hope to open up some much needed dialogue concerning our present state of world affairs; as well as learn and share with other people that feel compelled to take positive action in there lives.