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Matrixdeprogramming is the first step of our spiritual actualization process!





Matrix Deprogramming is the first step of our spiritual actualization process.

For a short time I am available for personal 1 on 1 Matrix Deprogramming Sessions. After The creation of the ‘Digital Matrix Deprogramming Workshop’ I will no longer be offering 1 on 1 sessions in this area.  

These Sessions cover the key principles and insights required to establish mental, emotional, and physical sovereignty within our daily lives. Included are personal practices and exercises that are specifically engineered to empower you by delivering you back to your own intuitive guidance system. You are your own master! These sessions simply help to remind you of the master you are and how to navigate your uniquely masterful consciousness.

Sessions Include personalized content such as:

  • Malware Scan and Susceptibility Log
  • Program Recognition Training (How to spot cultural/media program viruses)  Defining Common Programs such as : Consumerism, Dysfunctional Stereotypes, Scientism, False Authorities, Conspiracy Addiction, Mental Magnets, Mental Barricades, Paradigmatic Governors, Competition, Given Assumptions, etc. 
  • Symbol Reinterpretation Techniques (Discharging symbolic influences)
  • Biological Deprogramming & Reprogramming, Principles and Techniques  (How to Unplug from Biological Program Viruses)
  • Mental and Emotional Deprogramming & Reprogramming (How to Deprogram and Reprogram your Mind and Emotions)
  • Building Maxim Firewalls – High Frequency Field Stabilizers (Reprograming the structure of inner belief and building firewalls that protect from Malware)
  • Trigger-less training (Techniques for developing a trigger-less attitude)

and more…

 I do not wish to act like any kind of authority on reality, rather I intend share my personal perceptions of human psychology and behavior within the modern world. I will not go into detail about specific mind control conspiracies or misinformation campaigns for several reasons, the most notable being that my goal is to initiate within you your own tools for discernment and ultimately those details are irrelevant to the process of personal empowerment. 


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Introductory Session $111, 3 Session Pack $295

1 review for Matrix Deprogramming Session

  1. Nanette

    Patrick has an innate compassion & first hand experience that enable him to help people find a healthy way out of physical, emotional & spiritual hurts and pains.
    He has tremendous insight & the ability to be totally present without making assumptions.
    His work helps support, guide & gently help his clients to move to
    a better place in their lives.
    I recommend his special talents to anyone who is reaching out.

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