Awaken Your Greatness

If you are feeling the desire to expand yourself it means the greater you is beginning to rise up to the surface. If you believe you are ready to take a leap and activate your hidden potential, I may be the perfect mentor for you.

Transforming into your greater self is the process of deepening your self love. 

My approach is highly metaphysical yet extremely practical and carries the codes of the Phoenix seasoned by the real world experience of rising up from the darker depths of the human condition. 

I teach you how to transform your thoughts, emotions and actions so you can live from a place of self love and experience personal freedom. My intuitive approach allows me to speak uniquely to you and your special needs as I use insights into subtle energy, psychology, interpersonal dynamics, and esoteric wisdom to empower you to transform yourself.

Themes and techinques we can explore: 

  • Esoteric Training
  • Life Purpose Discovery
  • Lifestyle Transformation
  • Passion and Motivation Catalyzation
  • Belief System Modification
  • Meditation Experiences and Modalities
  • Addiction Counseling
  • Breaking Through Stuck States
  • Relationship Counseling 
  • Spiritual Guidance
  • Life Challenge Coaching
  • Matrix Deprogramming
  • Health & Dietary Coaching

How deep do you want to go?

Choose what’s best for you!


1 time – 1 hour session

Our time together  will include :

  • One hour recorded zoom or skype call
  • Choose a theme or topic from the list above or choose a unique unlisted theme that fits your own personal desires
  • Personalized practices to enhance your daily life
  • Practical tools / application techniques surrounding your theme

$155 – 1 HR Sesssion

Sedona Vortex – in person session:

Our time together  will include :

  • In-person red rock vortex experience
  • Choose a theme or topic from the list above or choose a unique unlisted theme that fits your own personal desires
  • Personalized practices to enhance your daily life
  • Practical tools / application techniques surrounding your theme 

$177 – 1.5 HR Sesssion. Available for 1/2 Day or Full Day Custom Retreat. Contact Patrick for details.

Immersive Mentorship with Patrick


Become my friend and join my inner circle! 

Our Time Together Will Include:

  • A Unique Transformation Curriculum Designed Specifically for You and your own Personal Goals.
  • 8, 1.5 hour Recorded Zoom or Skype calls
  • 24 hour video chat access for 8 weeks
  • Personalized Practices to Enhance Your Daily Life
  • Customized Subliminal/Subconscious Reprogramming Audio MP3 or Wav
  • 20% off any Retreats or Live Events
  • Practical Tools / Application Techniques Surrounding Your Theme
  • Healthy Lifestyle Transformational Handbook
  • BONUS – Free 1 1/2 Hr. Session With Bridget Nielsen
  • BONUS – Free Access to Upcoming Digital Course
  • BONUS – Free Download of my Full Music Catalogue

$2,433 or 2 payments of $1,333 (£1,895 or £1,038)



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More about Patrick Haize

Patrick Haize is a Musician, Teacher, and New Earth Pioneer that specializes in personal transformation and addiction counseling. He loves creating new and innovative ways to help people awaken their greatest potential and unify to create a new Harmonious Earth.

In 2013 he resigned his position as creative director of vision magazine and sold his business to go on the road to make his creative service and self-expression a full time venture.

He inspires throusands with his motivational music, tranformational youtube content, and international retreats!

Session Testimonials

Patrick Haize is a genius among geniuses. In are time together he communicated with an uncommon clarity,brevity and accuracy. I am deeply inspired by his ability to verbalize advanced theoretical frameworks which help me to understand who I am, where I am, and what my purpose is, in a truly motivating, life affirming way. On top of this Patricks innate essence is deeply empathetic, understanding and compassionate which makes his guide work and coaching truly on the pulse with the vital current. I recommend his services highly and feel I have benefited immeasurably from his presence in my life.

David Henry Richanbach

Patrick has an incredible ability to dive into everything I share and bring out clarity, beautiful solutions, and ways for me to work with my skills and grow on my own. Working with Patrick is both empowering and uplifting. I am thankful I took the step to work with Patrick. The space he held for me allowed me to be open and honest and the more I opened up with Patrick the more we progressed. His openness and depth of knowledge was helpful for me to look forward and expand my abilities and gave me the courage to create and express myself in this world.

Julia Veilleux

Working with Patrick is amazing and definitely well worth the time. He is very good at pin pointing what might be going on with you emotionally or energetically, and has often explained the emotion or situation I was trying to convey better than I did. So he can really tune into what you need to hear. He also has many unique and interesting angles to self-development and quite frequently I will hear about a new approach to something in a way that I never even thought about. You can tell he has really spent a lot of time on his own development and can rest assured that if you bring something to him he will have some valuable information for you to work with. Also he is a really easy going guy and is super smooth to work with, you don’t feel like your being pushed to do things and you feel like you are heard and understood for whatever you might be going through. Patrick is awesome!! I would easily recommend him to anyone that remotely resonates with him.

Richard Smith

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