So far as I know, nothing on planet earth has been ever been proven strictly impossible.  According to Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, mathematical and rational logic approach a threshold past, which we cannot calculate for the subtle influences of known variables.  While we can apply the scientific method to any realm of inquiry we choose, there is a limiting factor that prevents us from fully quantifying, from fully concluding, from fully knowing the whole story.  Things have been postulated to be impossible like, say, life without carbon, but, then again, it’s also been postulated that silicon may be a replacement carbon base for life forms that we maybe have not seen yet.  

blue planet in space beautifulIn The history of the world, humans have not only turned around that which was once considered impossible, analyzed it from another perspective, and proven it the most likely, but have also been turned around.  Galileo’s theory of heliocentrism knocked man off of his cosmological center, and we continue to discover new planets and planetary influences all the time.  Given enough thought and research, novel facts and discoveries, or even old discarded ideas and idea fragments, can arise or resurface and change the name of the game.  The proverbial Newtonian apple tree always looms overhead, waiting to drop knowledge on, and add insight to, our current, limited informational paradigm.  

Sorting through information that is more and less likely to be true can be difficult, and it can be tiring to research, but supercomputers are improving at a rate that is both terrifying and inspiring, making it easier for us to process massive sets of quantifiable information.  IBM’s newest supercomputer, innocuously named “Watson”, absorbs and digests information contained in the annals of the internet and calculates answers to questions based on logarithmic probabilities.  Sounds technical, but all that’s really to say: it works the same way you process information and relay it to the world.  You absorb, you synthesize and then you repackage information for the world to see in your own way.  And speaking of Galileo, computers have opened up whole new realms of research previously rendered impossible by the limited nature of the human mind to calculate and incorporate disparate and seemingly incongruous elements of data.

If everything is possible, that means that impossibility is a possibility. Here we have the circular vortex of Zeno’s paradoxes.  How can we ever arrive at  point of certainty, at a point of knowing, when in order to arrive, we must first arrive at the halfway point, and then the halfway point of the halfway point, and so on.  Yet, if consciousness is the basis for existence, then whatever we conceive takes part in existence in some way, both the limits and impossibilities as well as limitlessness and the infinity of possibilities, so what determines the breadth and depth of our possible world is the breadth and depth of consciousness itself. Human Potential is infinite, so infinite that it encompasses both limitation as well as limitlessness, and our greatest gift is our potentiality for choice, our ability to decide what we will and won’t allow into what we can only hope is a Leibnizian “best of all possible worlds”.

mountains starlight sunset rainbow sky - actualize the collectiveEvery great conscious innovation/invention would not have been possible without the mad scientists, the electrical Faradays willing to suggest that forces just barely on the edge of our grasp do, indeed, take part in the divine world play, the Hindu lila, of our consensual reality.  If something can be imagined to exist, the rational viability and discovery of it’s existence can only be made possible by the intuitive flashlight of a sustained and critical, yet illumined and suggestible examination.  Human potential is limitless, and if you wish to limit it, your wish is, indeed, your command, but if you wish to push these limits, to see beyond the veil, then hopefully some of these articles will gently tug at and expand the metaphorical orbits of your truly cosmic consciousness.