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Herbs & Supplements
  • Goji berries, incan berries, bee pollen, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds on the table - Patrick Haize Health Upgrade
    Health and diet upgrades
  • Golden Autumn Sunlight pouring thru bright auburn leaves onto green foliage below - Patrick Haize Drug abuse and Detox Consultations
    Drug abuse and detox consultations
  • meditating awakening blue/purple body with light comingdown Patrick Haize TRANSFORMATION CONSULTATION
    Transformation Consultation
  • Patrick Haize In a white hat and Blue shirt Transformational Festival Rapper
    Performances and Workshops
  • Red blue knobs on mixing board - Patrick Haize Music - Listen Button
    Music and Video Equipment
  • painting of person standing in front of sun/star shining thru the clouds with their hands out welcoming the energy - Patrick Haize - Drug abuse and detox consultations
    Donate to My Education
  • Shizandra Berry Extract Powder
    Shizandra Extract
  • Reishi Mushroom Tincture, Surthrival
    Reishi Mushroom Tincture
  • Chaga Mushroom Tincture Foragers Quest
    Chaga Mushroom Tincture
  • Pine Pollen Powder, Surthrival
    Pine Pollen Powder
  • Chulen_Doctor_Ngawang_Drakpa
    Chulen- "Taking the Essence"
  • Bimala_Vimala_Health
    Bimala - Mind calming/insomnia
  • $29
    Sedme - Irritability/Stress/Depression
  • Megahydrate - Dr Patrick Flanagan
  • Parasite Cleansing Kit
    Parasite Cleanse Kit
  • Colon Cleansing Kit
    Colon Cleanse Kit
  • Binaural Tones Vitalizer
    Vitalizer - Binaural Frequency Therapy
  • Binaural Tones for Intilligence
    Intelligence - Binaural Frequency Therapy
  • binaural frequencies for advanced meditation
    Meditation - Binaural Frequency Therapy
  • Binaural frequencies for Manifestation
    Manifestation - Binaural Frequency Therapy
  • binaural frequencies for sleep aid
    Sleep - Binaural Frequency Therapy
  • Antler supplement immortal velvet silver Surthrival
    Elk Antler Velvet - Silver
  • MSM opti powder/flakes
    Opti MSM - Mehtylsulfonylmehtane
  • Rehmannia Prepared
    Rehmannia Root - For Cooking
  • Ho Shu Wu or Fo Ti prepared
    Ho shu Wu/Fo-ti - For cooking
  • chi tonic medicinal foods
    Chi Tonic
  • cacao elixir medicinal foods
    Cacao Elixir - Superfood Blend
  • Medicinal_Foods_living_greens
    Living Greens Blend
  • Better_Than_Coffee_ Coffee_Substitute_Mix
    Better than Coffee - Coffee Alternative
  • Spirit_Tonic_Powder_blend_Medicinal_Foods
    Spirit Tonic - Herbal Tonic Blend
  • Love_tonic_womb_yin_nutritive_medicinal_foods
    Love Tonic - Womb Yin Nutritive
  • matrix deprogramming geometry
    Matrix Deprogramming Session
  • orange moon actualized over clouds and mountains
    Find Your Purpose Session
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