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Patrick Haize

Hip-Hip Mystic, Empowerment Coach, and Freedom Advocate that specializes in  Transformative Poetry

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About Me

Who Am I and How Do I Serve the World

Patrick Haize is a Hip-Hop Mystic, Empowerment Coach, and pioneer of a new therapeutic genre of music called 'Hip-Hop Sutra’. His work combines the timeless wisdom of various mystical traditions with cutting-edge scientific knowledge to empower his Clients and Fans.

"Personal Empowerment is not about building a new self,

it's about Unlocking Your True Self!"

- Patrick Haize -

Patrick wrote his first Rap Song at age 11 and then began making beats and recording rap music songs as a teenager. He wrote, produced, and recorded over 50 songs during his high school years and went on to get an engineering degree in comprehensive sound arts in 2004.  For several years he experimented with his career as a Hip-Hop emcee, sound engineer, and music producer in Oakland, CA. However, he was disheartened by the cultural vices of the genre and moved to San Diego where he began searching for a greater meaning in life.  There he faced numerous trials and spiritual initiations that planted the seeds of a new life-orientation to honor his deeper inner-truth and courage. In 2011, After finally resurrecting himself from the grip of his vices, he found a lane for himself as the Creative Director of Vision Magazine. A spiritually-themed, print-based publication in San Diego. It was here that he began to unpack all that he had learned from his life trials and began exploring different avenues for pursuing a service-based vocation.  Eventually, he stepped away from the magazine and moved to Sedona Arizona to experiment with community-building projects. In Sedona, he began his Esoteric Coaching Career and went on to record several Conscious Hip-Hop Albums and host dozens of retreats around the world with themes ranging from health and wellness to swimming with dolphins and whales.  In 2020 He was hired by Spirit Mysteries as their onboard Esoteric Counselor for both the staff and their mystery school fellowship where he designed online courses for the school and counseled numerous students and staff members.  He has published over 200 videos on his youtube channel on topics ranging from spiritual science to relationship counseling and addiction recovery. He has inspired thousands of people to explore beyond what they previously thought possible.  Currently, Patrick is pioneering a new genre of empowering Hip-Hop called “Hip-Hop Sutra” where he infuses wisdom teachings into fun and flavorful rap songs that are universally digestible.  This Music venture is an innovative part of his greater goal to preserve mystical teachings and expand human freedoms via education, allyship, and personal and spiritual sovereignty.  “Our path to divinity is more about remembering than it is about waking up. Remembering our true nature is what shatters the chains of the matrix."

Education & Experience
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"Sacred Space is the Aura of New Earth." It has been a long-standing goal of mine to organize and host "Sacred Space" retreats within the auspices of mother natures most activated landscapes.   Think Small-Group / Intimate Connection  / Campfires / Sunrise/Sunset Ceremonies / Musical Sharing  / Performance / Communal Land Prayer / Nature Adventures / Spiritual Council /  and so much more Learn more by clicking the button below.

Awards & Interests
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