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HIP-HOP SUTRA is Music that Empowers you  "Let Hip Hop Be Thy Medicine" Patrick Haize Bowersox is a Producer, Audio Engineer, & Mystical Hip Hop Bard who has turned His musical craft into a Bio-Psychic Technology. Patrick edifies his listeners with psycho-spiritual nutrition for actuating higher levels of consciousness. His Music translates Mystical Wisdom into Musical Mandalas that cement key empowerment signatures into the consciousness of the listener.  “Music is the perfect medium for combining all of my offerings into one art-form that is transformative and uplifting for everyone”

'RISE' featuring Celeste Elizabeth

'RISE' featuring Celeste Elizabeth

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"The Spell within this story is growing conscious of itself." It’s an honor to share with you all... One of several sacred gems I created with the beautiful Celeste Elizabeth while we were together. "Rise" is a Call to the Sleeping Warrior. This song was conceived one evening while CC and I were playing around with her looper machine at our house in Sedona AZ. Next thing we knew, it became a lyrical journey into the heart of Wizardly Magic and - a prayer for humanity in these times of trepidation. Little did we know, eventually the song would attract Grammy Award Winning Producer Marc Jb. We were honored to have him as a part of the collaboration and grateful for the sonic blend of magical tones that he laid down as the perfect platform for lifting and delivering the message. So there you have it… "Shine Your Light. There's Never been a time like Now to RISE” Enjoy and share with all those who would resonate! Mixed by -EricWithaC