Patrick Haize Official Music

Patrick Haize Music - High Vibe Hip Hop is Music that Empowers you  "Let Hip Hop Be Thy Medecine" Patrick Haize Bowersox is a Producer, Audio Engineer, & Mystical Hip Hop Bard who has turned His musical craft into a Bio-Psychic Technology. Patrick edifies his listeners with psycho spiritual nutrition for actuating higher levels of consciousness. His Music translates Mystical Wisdom into Musical Mandalas that cement key empowerment signatures into the consciousness of the listener.  "Much of the metaphysical science that I teach can be a bit too esoteric and complex for the average person. My Music simplifies my esoteric science work in a more fun and flavorful form that is more universally digestable

Love Storm is a cryptic translation of Occult themes associated with the refinement of primal life force and it's transformation to higher divine substance.

I wrote Soul's Recognition after Surviving a 14-year heroin addiction and numerous near-death experiences I found myself homeless in Mexico with nothing but the clothes on my back. 1 year later I had dusted myself off and anchored myself on a path of recovery and transformation. Souls Recognition, originally written in 2012, is an inspiration piece written to myself from my future self proclaiming my eternal devotion to my Soul's Path and prophesizing my victory in this Life.

Dream Colors is a celebration of planet Earth and a lifestyle narrative expressing allyship with the natural world and Higher Moral principles.

Superfood Junkie is an Ode to Herbalism and Health-conscious living.

Raise the Djed is an esoteric piece that celebrates and explores the significance of the alchemical qualities of earthy life as it is connected to the Egyptian 'Raising of the Djed Pillar (The human initiation that connects the Divine planes with the Earth;y planes/body thru the toroidal field of the Aura).