I'm Asking For A Donation If You Like My Service and Vocation

Hello Friends and Family,


As you may know, I am constantly and consistently working on content, videos, workshops, and music. Dedicated directly to the embetterment of myself and sharing that work to inspire and light the fire of everything surrounding me.

I am currently working to rebuild a music project that was shelved in 2020 and is still unreleased but to do so it’s going to take is a little bit of help and support from my fans and viewers.


Since beginning this project, strange and unexpected curveballs have been thrown my way which has caused this album that I have been working on since 2019 to be shelved until we could gather the resources necessary to move forward.


The Album needs to be re-recorded, mixed, and mastered.  I have been waiting, trusting, and praying that the perfect opportunity would present itself for me to share this project with the world. Following the footsteps that Spirit walks before me the best I can in Faithful surrender.


Believe it or not, I’ve been battling inner anxiety in relation to this project for a while now because much of it is so timely that I was afraid it would miss its resonance window.

This project is a profound Alchemical Medicine for the soul. I didn’t hold back any punches in these songs and the lyrical wizardry has been taken to a whole new level. It is more bold and lucid than any of my previous works.


The timeless themes that weave through all my creations (Empowerment, Self Realization, Virtue) are clearly present in this project, though they have been re-contextualized for the present era of great crisis and opportunity. The nature of 2020 has awakened a newfound edginess and sharpness that cuts through the veil with a delectable candor and I can’t wait for you to hear it!!


Your donations will go directly to the engineering and production costs of the music and anything left over will go towards video production and promo material to move it forward with expansive enthusiasm.


It would really be an honor to bring this forth into the world for you and I thank you all from the light in my heart for your support in making this happen. I am more than thrilled to get this project accelerated as soon as possible!



In Service and with Much Love

 Patrick Haize

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photo_2022-09-25 19.33.32.jpeg

Much Love & Gratitude for Your Support!

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