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I'm Asking For A Donation If You Like My Service and Vocation

Hello Friends and Family,


As you may know, since 2019 I have been working diligently on a project called Hip-Hop Sutra, a new whimsical form of music-therapy. Hip-Hop Sutra sits at the intersection of all of my offerings as a psycho-somatic form of musical storytelling designed to awaken, uplift, and empower the listener.  

I have experienced numerous challenges and setbacks during the process of birthing Hip-Hop Sutra; from production issues, to fraudulent business deals, and even release restrictions. My refusal to compromise the quality or integrity of the project has resulted in the shelving of many of the songs that I have been working on since as early as 2019/2020 until I could gather the resources necessary to move forward.  

 During the last couple years, I have been working 60 + hours a week to generate the investment capital to move Hip-Hop Sutra forward; while utilizing the little time that I had outside my busy work schedule to pour all my creative energy into the project. 

I wholeheartedly believe in this work. I have given everything I have to it. During a time in history when rational logic would suggest my best bet is to invest in material assets and survival resources, I have been investing in an asset of metaphysical value with the faith that I will be materially supported on this path. 

This project is a profound Alchemical Medicine for the soul. I didn’t hold back any punches in these songs and the lyrical wizardry has been taken to a whole new level. It is bolder and more lucid than any of my previous works. The timeless themes that weave through all my creations (Empowerment, Self Realization, Virtue) are clearly present in this project, though they have been recontextualized for the present era of great crisis and opportunity.


The nature of 2020 has awakened a newfound edginess and sharpness that cuts through the veil with a delectable candor. I can’t wait for you to hear it!!

Your continued donations will provide me with the necessary resources to properly launch and sustain Hip-Hop Sutra: Audio/video and engineering equipment, production costs, promotion costs, website designs, time/energy compensation, etc. 

I cannot do this alone. Please share your support by offering a donation today. Help me to Make Hip-Hop Sutra a wave that reaches the world! Your support is Infinitely appreciated. 

PS - I am currently offering connection calls with anyone that makes a donation upwards of 250 dollars because I want to have close contact with all of those who believe enough in my work to be a major contributor. 



In Service and with Much Love

 Patrick Haize

photo_2022-09-25 19.33.32.jpeg
photo_2022-09-25 19.33.32.jpeg

Much Love & Gratitude for Your Support!

Here Is My Venmo Code

(Verify with Phone# ending in 9258)

Thank You!

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