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Interviews with

Patrick Haize

Join me and many of the friends I've made along the way as we Discuss and Discern various topics of the inner and outer relationship we have with ourselves and the reality we walk and work amongst - I truly believe that when we share and present ourselves and that which we've learned with like minded individuals and groups... we expand the potential of our own growth and learning 10fold! Jump in with us now to explore and expland our minds and voices!

In these interviews I discuss and debate the nature of Spirituality and the impact we have on ourselves through our own Life Lessons and the magic that becomes from it!

Dan Winter is an Astonishing Scientist who breaks the barriers to the world unkown. His Lifes Work has been an incredible inspiration to the Science that My Mind envelops as a resource to phenomenal explanations. In these interviews, I engage in a much more scientific and left-brain study and discussion.

The Conscious Involvement we have in our own Evolution Singularly and Collectively is Incredible. Dive in to some of the discussions I've had with others concerning this topic and beyond!

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