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Retreats with Patrick Haize


Are you looking to find your tribe and start building a new Earth?

Are you seeking to connect with a sacred community of conscious allies during these times of great transition? 

"Sacred Space is the Aura of New Earth."

As a Personal Empowerment Coach, It has been a long standing goal of mine to organize and host "Sacred Space" retreats in the auspices of mother natures most activated landscapes.


Think Small-Group / Intimate Connection  / Campfires / Sunrise/Sunset Ceremonies / Musical Sharing  / Performance / Communal Land Prayer / Nature Adventures / Spiritual Council /  etc. 

 Come unite with like hearted souls to remember our birthright and exercise our divine right to freedom.  

Let’s explore what it means to physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually free and let’s do it together, in a sacred and intimate earthen setting. 

Sign up here to join the conversation and be notified about upcoming retreat events. 

See you on the Inside!!

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